It is done by the workers under strict control from coffee professionals to ensure the right coffee cherries are harvested at the right time. The ripened coffee cherries are mainly carried out according to the picking method. The picking method consists of manually picking only perfectly ripened fruits while yellow and green ones remain on the branches to ripe to perfection. Since only ripened coffee beans can unfold their specific aroma during the roasting process to the outmost, this method guarantees the best results and is therefore mostly used to generate high quality coffees.


The Sunday morning, Pon (July, 3rd 2013), Joko Gondel, the groom and his bride, Sri Gondel were being carried in a festive heading to the altar in establishing their life commitment. Actually, Joko Gondel and Sri Gondel are not the real figures from two brides in the real sense. They apparently are prime coffee fruit grains, coffee crops from the Kawisari and Sengon coffee plantations( since 1870) near Blitar.

The ritual itself has become a tradition, because people seemed to believe that the fruit of the coffee plantations formed from the meeting / marriage between Sri Gondel and Joko Gondel, which symbolize a fertilization between the pistil and stamens (Sri = female, Joko = male).

A 1,5 hour drive from Hotel Tugu Malang through picturesque natural landscapes of ricefields and East Javanese villages, you may arrive at Hotel Tugu Blitar, ( a colonial building that was built in the 1850 for over nite. All the way from Blitar toward both family-run Plantation of Hotel Tugu Group, lies a beautiful sight, with superb clear river water, and the Kawi mountain overlooking the legendary and gallant Mount Kelud.